Jul 23, 2016

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Why Switch To Amazon Music App?

Many people are unaware about the Music app launched by Amazon in 2014. They did not know the advantages that they could get if they choose the Amazon app. It may be because it did not have the amazing feature like the other streaming services. But apart from that there are several reasons why you should switch over to Amazon. It is actually up to your choice which streaming service you like but you can give Amazon a try. Unlike others, there are certain extra benefits available here.


Here are the reasons why you should switch to Amazon Music App.

Amazing Features

Prime Music is the latest Music App developed in the recent times, so the developers who created it, had put all the features like the other streaming services. The Prime music app can be accessed through a web player, a desktop player and mobile apps. It is available on both Android and iOS. The web player of the music app is different than the others. It does not have a lot of design rather it is straightforward as compared to other players. It seems to be boring for the first instance but it is concrete and works well.

It is very easy to navigate. It is very fast and spontaneous so the users do not get irritated. There is one more thing that many of you are unaware of. The size of the music app is only 13MB which is very small than other music player apps. The prime Music maintains a collection of nearly 1 million songs on demand. The song selection is small but you organize these songs into your own playlist.

You will also have the facility of Offline playback, Prime stations which are online radio stations without any advertisement and you can even skip the songs.

Cheap Subscription

You can get the Prime Music app only if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber. In the US it will cost you $99 for the entire year which is equal to $8.25 per month that is really very cheap than the others. It will always be the cheapest choice. If you are a student and a subscriber of Amazon Prime student, then you can save even more as then you will get a six month free trial as well as 50 percent discount after the trial is over.

Add Your Favourite Songs

Many streaming services have a fixed collection and apart from that if there is any latest song albums released you will not get the facility of hearing it. With Amazon Prime you can add the latest hits also. You just have to upload it to your Amazon account.

Other Advantages

Apart from Music, you will be given a free two-day shipping anywhere in the US. You can buy grocery and household items in the US for a delivery of $6. You will get a free 5GB to store your videos, documents and files. Prime photos, Prime videos and Kindle first are the extra benefits that you get.

In case of any query you can contact the Amazon helpline services. Just try it out once.

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Jun 12, 2016

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How To Become An Amazon Affiliate?

If you want to monetize your website or blog, then nothing can be more advantageous for you than the Amazon Associates program. Yes, all you have to do is just get affiliated with Amazon and make more money. With this process, you can add links to thenay item or product on Amazon that would lead to huge profit and money. As the Amazon commission is relatively low, so it is quite advantageous for anyone to gets affiliated with this program and add more money to the bank account at the end of the session. Are you wondering how to become an Amazon affiliate? Well, these simple steps given below will act as your guide. Go ahead and check it now.

Steps To Follow

  • Make Your Blog Or Website

    The first thing that you need to do to apply for Amazon Associates program is to make a website address and describe it. The description will be about the affiliate listings on your site and the targeted audiences.

  • Visit Amazon.com

    Now if you already have an account with Amazon then you just have to log in. if not then you have to make an Amazon account first. The process of account making is very simple and easy. You have to scroll down and click “Join Associates” for your affiliate.

  • Click

    Now once you have got the above steps then you have to click the “join for free” option. After this, you have to click the “New Customer” tab on the screen. Now you have to enter your name and email address. Now to create your account, you have to choose a good password.

Amazon Affiliate

  • Fill Up

    Now you have to fill up the application fields, here you will have to put the details of your name, address, city, zip code and other such details that will be wanted by the form and website. 

  • Get The Information

    Now once you have finished the process of registration, then you can get the information on the left side of the page. Here you will find the tools for Amazon Associates. You will find a lot of discussions and forums over here which will help you to learn more about the process. 

  • Enter

    Now you have to enter your name and URL for starting the program. Here you have to answer the question about your website and all about it. 

  • Finish

    Once you are done with all the above steps then you just have to click the finish button. 

  • Wait

    After all the process is over, then you have to wait for the notification of approval. You will receive it on your email. 

  • Check Review

    Now when you have already entered the zone, then it is time for you to learn more about the information about selling options, associated site stripe, and others. This will allow you to add anitem on your e-store

These are the simple steps which you have to follow for your easy, quick Amazon affiliate. So go ahead and get it done now.

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Jun 8, 2016

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Making Money On Amazon Become An Amazon Affiliate

If you want to get to the top of success with your business then nothing can be better than online business. When it comes to online business then nothing comes close to Amazon. Yes Amazon is the website that can give you the chance to earn huge money in business. For this you just have to remember few tips. You have to become an Amazon affiliate and for that there are few things that you need to consider. There are few essential factors that you need to do in order to make more money on Amazon. Here are few of them discussed for you.

Tips To Know          

If You Want To Bad More Bucks Then You Should Follow These Essential Tips:

  • Finding Niche

    The first thing that you need to consider is finding your niche in business. If you need extra money then you should target such goods which will promise you higher income. In such case the physical goods are best. It is easy to make money in Amazon’s affiliate program if it is physical goods.

Making Money On Amazon

  • Links To Product

    One important method to earn huge money through Amazon is by providing the links with the post. Nearly half of the money is raised from the basic links inside the post. So remember to do this as this is the best way to earn more money. Through more clicks on the links money is raised.

  • Make Clickable Affiliate Links

    The images that you use on the website should have simple text links. This way you can make them clickable link on clicking which money is raised with utter ease and comfort. This can raise 15% of your money. So you should remember to have this and add more money.

  • Link To Amazon.com

    You must link to Amazon.com as much as possible. Make each link as this because this will raise huge money. It is very fruitful to use more than ten times the link to Amazon.com. So make sure to do this as it will turn out to be highly fruitful.

  • Create Products Review

    Creating a good product review happens to be a great aid in increasing the sales. This in turn raises huge money. You should create a detailed and attractive products review on reading which customers will be attracted to it faster. You should not miss to do this because this is the ultimate secret to raising more money.

  • Say Large Amount

    Selling of large quantities of inexpensive goods can lead to huge raise in the money. You should sale in bulk to boost your payout during the sale. This is another process to increase more money.

Have A Great Business

These above-mentioned points are some of the essential points and tips that you must follow for raising more money with Amazon affiliate. You should not miss any of them is you want to earn huge bucks at the end of the day. These points will work as your best friend. So go ahead and have a happy business.

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